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Yoga Mat Spray- Energise

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Wipe the sweat away with the Yoga Mat Spray from Spritz Wellness. Intensify your practice by incorporating aromatherapy and deepen your general wellness and wellbeing. Formulated with the antiseptic and antiviral properties of Tea Tree and the fresh scent of Lemongrass, it is designed to clean and restore yoga mats and props. Made in the UK and 100% natural, this spray is naturally energising for the mind and body and will leave you calmer and reenergised. Don’t wait any longer and incorporate this spray into your practice and it is vegan friendly too!

Ingredients: Aqua, Lemongrass and Tea Tree.
Directions: Shake well, mist mat, wipe clean. Allow the mat to air dry before rolling up or using.
Usage: Before and after yoga sessions to clean and refresh yoga mat and props.
Caution: Avoid misting directly on a naked flame. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes.
Recyclable glass bottle
Size: 50ml