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Vitality: Detox, Glow and Recharge - All skin types

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Experience programme

Vitality – Detox, Glow and Recharge – All skin types

Sometimes, you can get sucked in by your routine and it feels like you don’t have time for anything, especially looking after yourself. This can feel you leaving low on energy, inspiration and emotion. It feels like you are fading both internally and externally.

If this is how you are feeling at the moment, it’s time to reenergise and revitalise your mind, body and soul for a healthier and more fulfilling life.


We’ve created a full routine to help reenergise, revitalise and renew all of your senses to leave you ready to thrive and recapture your own personal vitality. 

This experience programme can be fully part of your daily skin care routine so we’ve curated some of the finest tools to make it as beneficial as possible.


We offer a version of the Vitality experience programme for sensitive skin types too. 

Our partner

We’ve partnered with the skincare and clean beauty expert Nathalie Bond to design the Vitality experience programme which will help you to relax, glow and recharge. Based in the UK, Nathalie Bond provide environment friendly, zero-waste, cruelty free, handmade, sustainable, organic and plant-based skincare products that are gentle and safe. They focus on high quality ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and products which are harmful to living things.

How to enjoy this experience

All skin types:

  1. Start by cleaning your face with the nourishing Nathalie Bond Bloom Soap Bar to cleanse your face deeply and remove impurities whilst keeping your skin revitalised and in perfect balance.
  2. Next, gently tone, rebalance and hydrate your face with Nathalie Bond Bloom Face Mist. This organic rosewater mist cools, relaxes and helps with stress relief for your skin. Shake well before using. Close your eyes and spritz your face a few times before rubbing in.
  3. Get ready to glow with the Bloom Face Oil from Nathalie Bond. This luxurious blend of organic oils hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it radiant and soft. Use the pipette to apply 4-5 drops into your palm and gently massage the oil onto your face, décolletage and neck. You can also use the Jade Face Roller to increase the oil penetration in the skin.
  4. The Jade Face Roller has got de-stressing properties which maximises your beauty routine. It improves your skin’s elasticity and reduce puffiness as well as easing facial muscle tension. You can place the Jade Face Roller in the fridge before using it on your face to increase its benefit on the skin.
  5. Finalise the process by applying the Nathalie Bond Bloom Lip Balm made with organic ingredients and to keep them hydrated and protected with this beautifully scented blend of sweet floral rose geranium essential oil.


The Vitality experience programme is sure to keep you radiant, revitalise and energise. 

You can also run a bath and add some Bloom Mineral Bath Salt from Hobo + Co to deepen this experience. 


Visit our Wellbeing Essentials + Collection and bring your personal experience for your experience. 

This experience programme includes

All skin types:

  • Nathalie Bond Bloom Soap Bar 100g
  • Nathalie Bond Bloom Face Mist 100 ml
  • Nathalie Bond Bloom Face Oil 30 ml
  • Nathalie Bond Bloom Lip Balm 15g
  • Jade Face Roller