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Are you ready to explore the world and discover some amazing facts? This box will provide anything you need to discover lots of countries from the comfort of your home. Explore the world's continents while completing puzzles and activities, and travel further and wider still with maps that reveal the ocean floor, the stars in the night sky and even imaginary worlds. You'll also discover how maps can be used to forecast the weather, represent time zones and solve crimes. Observe nature through a wild wonders kaleidoscope.  Enjoy beautiful stickers from CP Dinosaurs which are inspired from the dinosaurs of the iconic Crystal Palace Park. You can then relax and take a much needed break with delicious pink and white mice from Laura's Confectionery

The Explorer box contains: 

- 1x World Map Colouring Pencils (Set of 12)
- 1x Maps Activity Book
- 1x Wild Wonders Kaleidoscope
- 1x Pink & White Mice - Laura's Confectionery
- 2x Dinosaur stickers

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