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Relaxing Lavender Eye Mask in Parus Bird Print with Rich Velvet Backing

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Relaxing Lavender Eye Mask

Taking time for yourself to rest your body and soul is important for a healthy lifestyle and this include taking extra care for your eyes.

The Green & Heath Relaxing Lavender Eye Mask will help you to relax and soothe your eyes. Perfect for travel or resting at home, it's handmade in velvet and features luxurious designs inspired by period features and artwork. It's the ultimate way to improve your sleep - essential for health and wellness - filled with soothing lavender to help you relax and rest. Made in the UK, it is available in Parus Fabric inspired by Britain's Romanticism or Contemporary era. 

Extra information about this handmade eye mask

  • Handmade with velvet trim, velvet elastic headband and velvet backing that are soft to the touch.
  • The mask can be cooled in the freezer to relieve the pain of tired or dry eyes.
  • Blocks out the light and enhances your sleeping experience.
  • The scent of lavender is proven to relieve stress, stabilise your mood and improve sleep.


  • Length: 20 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Depth: 1 cm