The Love Dinosaurs Box

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From the mythic T-Rex to the Spinosaurus, discover the magical yet fascinating world of the dinosaurs through various fun, interactive and educational activities. We handpicked everything you need to become an expert of dinosaurs from action-packed prehistoric scenes to colour, learn more about dinosaurs' life using hundreds of stickers and excavating a dinosaur skeleton! Enjoy beautiful stickers and card from CP Dinosaurs which are inspired from the dinosaurs of the iconic Crystal Palace Park. You can then relax and take a much needed break with a delicious milk chocolate animal lollipops. 

The Love Dinosaurs Box includes: 

- 1x 555 Sticker Fun Dinosaurs
- 1x Dinosaurs Colouring and Activity Book
- 1x Small Dinosaur Excavation Kit
- 1x Dinosaur Card Crystal Palace Card - CP Dinostores 
- 2x Dinosaur Stickers - CP Dinostores 
- 1x Milk Chocolate Animal Lollipops - Cocoba Chocolate

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