Coffee and Almond Soap

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What's the first think you usually do in the morning? I guess you start your day with a nice cup of coffee. 

Well let's take this further with this lovely Coffee and Almond Soap from Read the Label which will make your bath and pampering time even sweeter. This soap is made with real Turkish Coffee granules and luxurious almondy essential oils.

Coffee is a brilliant stimulant and the granules here act as a great exfoliant for your skin. This is a perfect choice especially for coffee lovers and a lovely treat . 


Ingredients: Organic + Fairtrade Shea Butter Butyrospermum Parkii; Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olea Europaea; Sunflower Oil Helianthus Annuus; Coconut Oil Cocos Nucifera;  Refined Castor Oil Ricinus Communis; Grapeseed Oil Vitus Vinifera; Coffee grounds Coffea arabica; benzoin, Sea salt.

Natural Occurring Allergens: Caffeine

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