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Aromatherapy Liberty Print Eye Pillow

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Deepen relaxation with an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Deepen mindfulness and relaxation with an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow from Spritz Wellness which will block out light in Yoga, massage and meditation. Spritz Wellness eye pillows are filled with dried lavender and chamomile to promote calm and relaxation.

They are gently weighted with buckwheat hull and linseed to allow the pillow to contour to the eyes and forehead. They also soothe tired eyes especially after a long and busy day. The eye pillow is perfect to use before sleep.

Made in the UK, the removable outer cover is washable and made from delicate Liberty ultra-fine Tana Lawn cotton which is a soft yet durable Liberty Art fabric. It is a beautiful cotton fabric that behaves like a silk which will keep your skin hydrated. 

Eye Pillow can also be used as a cold compress. Place Eye Pillow in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag to chill, 30-60 minutes before use. It can also be warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds to help soothe tired eyes.

Don’t wait any longer and incorporate the eye pillow into your routine for a more balanced, calm and relax lifestyle!

Available in Strawberry Thief Green Print or Hera Brown Print.

Other information

Ingredients: Dried Lavender, Dried Chamomile, Buckwheat hull, Linseed 

Usage: Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Aid with Sleep.

Care instructions: Outer cover is removable and washable. Remove pillowcase and hand wash or use a gentle cycle, then air dry.

Dimensions: 28 cm length x 15 cm wide, large enough to cover the eyes and forehead, to truly block out light!