The Wellness Platform
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The Wellness Platform is a free tech platform where individuals can find various wellness services, solutions and programmes adapted to their needs. The video below will give you an insight of what we are trying to achieve and the purpose of the crowdfunding campaign.

Your support is invaluable to bring this project alive. The link below will provide you with more information about the project and crowdfunding campaign.

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It's time to break the pattern of "busyness"
This project was born based on the fact that people, particularly women who are more prone to a greater workload especially when they are in a relationship and are the primary caregivers, have more difficulties to find balanced and fulfilment in their life due to modern life which can be very exhausting.
This frantic race for perfection in every aspect of our life to be the perfect employee, the most loving partner or the greatest parent for our children pushes us to go beyond our limits with destructive effects on our physical and mental health.
The fact is it doesn’t have to be like that and there are other ways for you to have a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

Adopt new habits with the support of the wellness platform.

We campaign to break the pattern of “busyness” and help individuals on their journey for a more balanced and fulfilled life.


The crowdfunding campaign will contribute to finance a free tech platform where individuals will be able to find various wellness solutions and programmes adapted to their needs and goals in their local area or not far from where they are.


They will be able to find a directory of various professional services and centres with a support within the following areas:

  • Nutrition coaching / plan with the support of a nutritionist; 
  • Sport programme with fitness or yoga instructors; 
  • Sleep management programme; 
  • Health and beauty services; 
  • Access to exclusive offers for members; 
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions on demand through videos; 
  • Community platform where members can discuss various topics

These are some examples of the great features you will find on the platform and mobile app. 


The aim is to create a strong community while offering great opportunities to all parties.




Make yourself a priority.

My story is not different from yours. I too used to live life at full speed and my life was taken up with the daily stresses of life, commuting, household duties and caring for my loved ones. It felt like things were never ending, never having enough time but never quite feeling like I was doing enough until I reached a turning point: I needed some changes in my life!


It is only after working on myself to heal wounds from the past, exploring my own creativity but more importantly by slowing down to break the pattern of busyness that I’ve been enjoying life more and getting to know myself even better.


My whole experience had become my inspiration for this project. I now want to help you to find more balanced and fulfilment in your life. 


It is time to join the movement for a better life! After all, life is precious and we need to make the most of it and it is time for a change! 

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