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Our Story

It is time to rethink wellbeing and invest in yourself!


Let’s start with some facts…

We live in a hectic world where “busyness” has become the norm and an indicator of our success and commitment. This frantic race for perfection in every aspect of our life to be the perfect employee, the most loving partner or the greatest parent for our children pushes us to go beyond our limits with destructive effects on our physical and mental health.

This reality is widely observed among women who are more prone to a greater workload, especially when they are in a relationship and are the primary caregivers.

Recent research from Lean In has demonstrated that women have taken over a much heavier burden of household work and caregiving during the pandemic leading to an increase of physical symptoms of stress and burnout at up to twice the rate of men. 

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It’s time for a change…

The fact is it doesn’t have to be like that and there are other ways for you to have a more fulfilled life.

By Esmë was born out of the collective awakening that so many of us seem to have felt during the events of the last few years. Just like you, we’ve taken the time to reflect and realise that there are changes we need to make to the way we live and work.

We can help you to break the pattern of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unable to take a break.

By Esmë exists to help you to integrate new habits which have long lasting positive effects on your general wellbeing and mental health. It is time for you to unwind, rediscover your senses and connect with the world around you.

This beautiful quote from Laurie Colwin summarises our philosophy" 

"We need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just as in sleep our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some time in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us."


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The rebirth of a Phoenix

My story is not different to yours and like you, busyness was my badge of honour and perfection my barometer. Before the pandemic, I led an extremely busy lifestyle. A huge amount of my life was taken up with the daily stresses of life, commuting, household duties and caring for my loved ones. It felt like things were never ending, never having enough time but never quite feeling like I was doing enough.  

Being less busy during lockdown was life changing for me. I took the time to disconnect, reflect and recharge. I spent more time with my family.

Through this I discovered the power of slowing down and exploring my own creativity. I learned how to relax and enjoy new hobbies. From burning out to being, I have been reborn like a Phoenix.

My whole experience had become my inspiration for By Esmë. I knew that I wanted to take my discovery further to bring wellness and relaxation, and fulfilment to others. Particularly to women who feel an overwhelming busyness in their life. 



Let’s start your journey through our Experience Programmes

You are important. Your health and wellbeing are important. Your own personal fulfilment is as important as any of these other things. It is time for you to reconnect with yourself and explore new things.

Our Experience Programmes have been carefully designed to support you in your journey for a more balanced life.

From exploring or rediscovering senses, connecting with the community, or visiting new places, we've got you covered.

In addition to our Experience Programmes why not enjoy a selection of complementary wellbeing and mindfulness products from our collection of Wellbeing Essentials +.


"Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process". - Bronnie Ware 


Dienaba Lamptey

Dienaba Lamptey, Founder, By Esmë