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If you are a craft lover or like trying out new activities, this customisable cross stitch journal from Luckies Originals is perfect for you. This will take you straight to your childhood when everything from your exercise books, diaries or pencils was covered in Panini football stickers, glitter, or PVA glued pictures cut from magazines.

Stitch Up is our grown up take on stationery customisation. 

Whether you’re an accomplished needle wizard, starting out, or have filled up your colouring book and just want to practice some mindfulness. The 60 page journal can be used to write down whatever you want, and the stitchable pages are free for whatever design you fancy. After you’re done, they can be torn out and displayed, or sent as postcards to some who enjoys abstract art/thinks you’ll become famous and they can sell it in 20 years.

  • Materials: Paper, Card, Yarn, Needles, Gold Foil
  • Dimensions: 1 x 16 x 22cm


  • 4 x colours of yarn
  • 4 x needles

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