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Guide to the perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Guide to the perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Origin and meaning behind Mother’s Day

It is always challenging to find the right present for the special person in your life who brought you to this world and raised you with all her love.

Being a mother is a full-time job and even if you are big enough to live your own life, your mother will always worry for you.

Mother’s Day aims to celebrate and honour mothers and motherhood in general for everything they do for their children. Beyond the symbolic, it is a recognition of the valuable contribution to the society mothers make and a way to thank them by showing them love and respect.




With this in mind, Anna Jarvis led the movement for the celebration of mothers in the United States on the 12th May 1907 by honouring her mother who passed away not long ago and had always wished for the establishment of a special day for mothers.

After long years of hard work to make it an official celebration in the USA, it became an official USA holiday in 1914.

Mother’s Day is now celebrated in many countries around the world in various days but more often in March and May.

In the United Kingdom, this tradition is celebrated since the Medieval times and is also known as Mothering Day. Mother's Day is celebrated in March in the UK and there is no link with the American Mother’s Day.



Find the right gift

First of all, the aim of Mother’s Day is to celebrate mothers. With this in mind, you don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive gift to demonstrate your love to your mother. After all, it is all about love and the main thing is to remind this to your mother. 



 If you decide to buy a gift for your mother, it needs to be something which is exclusively for her such as a unique or personalised gift, a pampering gift box or flowers. After all, it is a day for them so we need to help them to disconnect and enjoy this special day.

So, when it comes to gifting, it is about finding a gift which you know will make them smile and feel special during this day.


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