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Are New Year Resolutions Effective?

Are New Year Resolutions Effective?

Here we are! We closed the door to another year which was for some very challenging and for others quite successful (depending on your definition of success) or a mix of both.




For some, this is the opportunity to be a “better me” or a “new me” so you tend to set yourself goals that are very ambitious or even too ambitious such as loosing X amount of weight, stop eating sugary stuffs or becoming the next Usain Bolt of all time!

Yes, this year will be YOUR year, let’s erase the past and keep moving!



The truth is, you don’t need to adopt new resolutions to be a better version of yourself. A New Year doesn’t mean a new start and it is certainly not the beginning of your life but the continuation of it and the testimony of your presence in this earth so embrace life to the fullest.


The Inner Space Organisation explains that, “there is always room for self-improvement and development, but at the same time, you are good enough as you are. So, accept and love the old you and the current you”. 


Life is about acceptance, self-love and self-esteem so if you struggle to accept yourself as you are, this is where you have to make some changes to learn to love and accept yourself and there are plenty of tools out there to help you on your journey.



You are perfect as you are with your imperfections so you don't need replacing with a "New You", accept your past as part of the person you are today and live more in the moment.


Finally, New Year’s resolutions are quickly adopted but quickly forgotten so why put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders? So, enjoy life to the fullest and love yourself.



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